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Congrats mumbles!!

You can congratulate mumbles IN THIS THREAD

Year: 1998
Model: Vulcan 800
Pipes: Cobra Drags
Seat: Mustang
Wheels: Marauder 800 Mags
Front End: Suzuki Inverted Forks
Accessories: Modified KZ1000 sissybar, Tach, Sportster handlebar, risers, turnsignals.

And the story:
A few years back a good friend had a Suzuki Marauder 800. I always liked the inverted forks/mag wheels combo of his Suzook and thought to myself "Man, that front end sure would give the vn800 a mean muscle look" !!

That was 10 years ago and the thought never left my mind... Last year I ran across SunnyBob and low and behold he has Marauder 800 mag wheels on his bike minus the forks. Got in touch with him and he wrote a thread on adapting the rear wheel on the vn800. That was awesome!!
The triple trees weren't a direct swap either but with a little machine work it was made possible.

The sidecar is a Velorex 562 which was originally going on a Shadow 750 but waiting on the mounts got a little long and it ended up being installed on the Vulcan.

Let the good times roll !!
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