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Good morning, afternoon, or evening everyone,

Currently I am looking for some of the original ascetics for my 2001 Kawasaki Vulcan 1500 Nomad. The original owner had removed all of the badges and emblems from the bike, making it look like any other motorcycle. I am trying to restore it to its original glory of being a Kawasaki. Currently I have found the front windshield badge, both right and left gas tank emblems, the "1500", and "Kawasaki" stickers for the right side air filter, the "Kleen/Kawasaki" badge for the left side cover, the "Kawasaki" badge for the right side cover, and all six of the accents for the saddle bags to include the ones that are engraved "Nomad."

The parts that I am having a difficult time trying to find are the patterns/chrome trim on the fenders. I have looked around for OEM parts, and I have tried to find them in new old stock as well.

This is what I have found, however I am unsure if they are correct? All that the Kawasaki diagram states is a "Pattern"... is this the same as the chrome accents? Everything is in black and white...

Part Number(s)

56061 PATTERN,RR FENDER, LH 56061-1790
56061A PATTERN,RR FENDER, RH 56061-1791
56063 PATTERN,FR FENDER, LH 56063-1472
56063A PATTERN,FR FENDER, RH 56063-1473

Item(s) 56061-1790 and 56061-1791 were unavailable and i was not able to order them. With that being said I did manage to find some in a later year model however I don't know if they will fit my 2001 Nomad... (2004 Kawasaki Vulcan 1500 Nomad FI)

Part Number(s)

56066D PATTERN,RR FENDER, LH 56066-1129
56066E PATTERN,RR FENDER,RH 56066-1130

Below I have attached the diagrams from Kawasaki for both the 2001 Nomad, and the 2004 Nomad FI. As well I have attached two pictures of a 2001 Kawasaki Vulcan 1500 Nomad like mine to show what "chrome/decals" I think they are talking about on the front and rear fenders.

If anyone has any knowledge of this, I would greatly appreciate your input. Thank you again Vulcan Community and Happy New Years.


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