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For $284 from Motorcycle Superstore... front and rear. My local dealer (Kaw / Honda) wanted $280 for rear, and $85 to mount. When I said no wonder more folks are going darkside, I got an ear full about how dangerous it is and they won't mount them. Fine, but I am not paying you $280 for a tire I can buy online for $180. Well, we won't mount tires not bought here. I said OK I will decide what to do and get back with you, and they said their cost was $188, but could go $212 for me.

This place irritates me every time I go in, and even though it was nice to drop the price of tire $68, I guess still irritated that they were willing to charge so much more / had that much room to drop. So I came home and ordered online.

Another dealer (Yamaha, Victory) half hour away doesn't care where I buy my tires, but does cost about same to change. I am also going to check with another local shop that just opened for mounting.

I have 7k on my Vaquero, and the rear is pretty thin, while the front actually seems to have a lot of tread left. But I don't think it could get close to getting though the 4000 mile trip planned for early august, so probably will replace both at the same time within the next two weeks.
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