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I am looking for advice from you all mechanically minded experts in this forum on the 900 oil pressure relief valve that could be playing up, a search did not come up with anything close.
As I posted before in the stator sticky thread, I have a new buzzing noise that comes from the left side of the bike near the stator and that would take off 1 green light from my voltmeter every time it starts (light is back every time the noise stops), considering the symptoms, I thought it was my turn with the stator replacement.

But I have done all checks specified on the stator thread by Romans and Sfair, they all come up clear/ok. Regulator/rectifier has also been tested as well as the battery charging, all good.

So I investigated down here in Australia and it was suggested that the buzzing could be from the oil pressure relief valve, this could happen after changing oil with a different viscosity level...An heavier or lighter oil could make the valve play up, vibrate and buzz...
Does this sounds a possibility?

I am quite happy to open up the left side and check the stator (I even have a Rick stator and gasket on standby) but opening up the crank case to check the valve is out of my mechanical capabilities...
I was also told that I should not worry about the valve buzzing and get louder pipes.
Any thoughts? (apart on the louder pipes :) )
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