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OEM Suppliers

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anyone have any experience with either of these, good/bad or otherwise?
there prices are unmatched, but that can also get you a bag of headaches

oops forgot to add the names:
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I ordered a few OEM Kawasaki parts from 2 wheel pros last month. I think the order was put in on friday, and I had everything the next friday, no issues at all. I will definitely be using them again.
Purchased the gears and gaskets for the Euro-Gear mod on my V2K from powersportswarehouse. Prices were competitive and parts were available. No problems and quick service. Hope this helps. Bob
I purchased a tank bag from powersportswarehouse.com thru Amazon last year. No issues and a good price.
I bought the freedom true duals through power-sports. Cheap, and, no issues at all. Got passenger floorboard chrome covers through 2 wheel pros. No issues there either. I have ordered a lot from many different places online with no issues. Mostly through amazon. Only thing I ever had a problem with was the bag supports for My v-star 950 from cruiser customizing. They were on back order for some time.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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