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Congrats 5.0!

I'll try agian this month.
Year: 08
Model: vulcan 900 c
Eng size: 903cc
Pipes: HK strippers factory black
Seat: stock for now
Wheels: stock

Accessories: Hypercharger, Fr2000i, mirrors, iso grips shift cover, semi hard bags custom mounted, cobra mini sissy.

And the story: Gearhead since the day I could pick up a wrench, worked on cars all my life, then one day the wife says I really miss riding my with uncle and dad on there bikes. Which got me thinking; I've done every thing to a car that can be done, why not try a bike? But Its got to be different, and stand out and thumb the norm. So research began and the metrics are wears it at for me, freakin every wannabie has a HD and so does here dad and uncle but they are old school. So I said I dont need a name plate to make me feel good about riding, so bought the 900 and I get more respect from the old schools and 1%ers cause I did all the work myself, and I wave my middle finger in the air at the weekend worriers and call them wannabies.

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Nice Bike, What type of Hypercharger is that? and whats the part number? I'm trying to get one for my 900 but everybody tells me they don't make it for the 900 yet.

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