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These are what is known at this time. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~

Donald is a Vietnam Vet, Green Beret, and Purple Heart recipient. Please link this to any veterans' groups that might be likely to help out. I bet there are more people who might join the search knowing this info. Also, publicize that the pack on the back of the bike is YELLOW. A black bike might be hard to see but bright yellow might catch someone's eye.

"Donald Masters left Orofino, ID, Monday, August 31, headed for West Yellowstone and then on to Denver. He has not been seen or heard from since. We have reason to believe he may have gone missing Monday (he was due into Denver Wednesday). He was riding a black 2008 Goldwing, Colorado Plate #327-UTH."

Last known Status:
- Credit Card purchase for gas in Lolo, MT on Auguest 31th, 2009 on way to West Yellowstone.

Cell phone triangulation - due to lack of coverage, there is not current cell phone signal that can be located.

Update: 9/11/2009:
- A Credit Card purchase in Denver on Sept 8th was noted in Denver, CO - hopefully, he's okay - this is being confirmed. - update, this was some type of automated charge which was actually on the Sept 1st. The search is still on.
-PDF poster added.
-Yellowstone NP has had several calls already and has no record of him showing up there.
Update: 9/13/2009
Call from Dave Grossman.

He spoke to a Hamilton LEO - they have a traffic cam in Darby, MT that they are 95% sure it was
Donald. That was at around 4:30 pm on the 31st. They are pretty sure he'd take 93 south from there and towards Salmon or to 43 to I-15 towards Dillon.

That puts him in Dillon around 7pm, maybe.

There was an outgoing phone call from his phone to a Seattle number at 4:30pm MST which is inline with that. Dave is following up more on the call - it appears to have been a call to check voice mail.

So, looks like Lolo to Darby can be ruled out.

Update: 9/14/2009
The family has a Helicopter involved now that is do to arrive in Darby at 1:30MT.

The Plan:
Follow the path in the map or any possible side tracks that a MC rider on a Wing might take as part of a normal ride.

Search every possible 'get off' curve or questionable stretch of the route, please be safe. Please try to stay in groups of 3 to 5 bikes, take your time and try be safe yourself as we don't want to have any issues due to the search. If you are in a group, give each other some distance in case one of you sees something and needs to pull over unexpectedly.

Bring binoculars.. if you pull off somewhere to look, use them to scan and cover more of the area and places not easily seen from the road.

If you have any important information, please contact:
Ravelli County (MT) Sheriff's Department at (406) 363-3033
Lynne Masters at (509) 526-4477 (Sister)
Donald Grossman: (509) 240-0178 (Brother in Law)
Donald is riding a black 2008 Goldwing, Colorado Plate #327-UTH

Post by Fred D:
http://www.st- owners.com/ forums/showthrea d.php?t=71984

Smithee on the pashnit forum is his brother-in-law so he started a thread over there as well:
http://www.pashnit. com/forum/ showthread. php?t=24013

CCs & Bank info - has been checked out thoroughly - last usage was in Lolo, MT on 8/31 for gas. Last sighting, via traffic cam, was in Darby, MT at ~4:30 MST on 8/31

cell phone ping - yes, it's been tried, no luck

cell phone records - yes, they've been checked but there is very limited and often no service in the area. Last known call out was ~4:30 MST - possibly coincides with the Darby traffic cam sighting.

GPS ping - GPS are receivers, not transmitters, no luck

Air search - Montana Pilots Association and local charter companies have been notified to be on the look out but, so far, no volunteers to search

Civil Air Patrol - yes, they know but can't do anything until an official Law Enforcement request

Search and Rescue - yes, they know but also can't do anything until an official Law Enforcement request

Why no LE request of SAR & CAP - unknown at this time

Medical conditions or depression - none known by family

Hunters and hikers - information is being forwarded to folks in the area

Campgrounds and hotels - all in area have been contacted, no luck

Bike condition - 2008 Goldwing (1HFSC47F18A712126 Model #GL18P8), no known mechanical issues but known to be fully loaded (and a riding buddy reported it as over-loaded) . Yellow and black dry bags on the passenger seat. Camping gear, etc.
Attached Files Missing Poster-1.pdf (84.5 KB, 360 views)

~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~
I know a lot of you keep saying
I wish I could help, but I am too far away

I am in NY, Joe is in TX and our ground search crew is from all over.

That said, there is A LOT you guys can do for us. This is what we need:

Graphics Artist to design an 11x17 Missing Poster
Someone to design a Landing Page for the URL with links to here.
Support for our ground team: Gas, Food, Housing
People to work phones to get the word out to all Gas Station, Hotels, Camp Grounds, Restaurants
People to help recruit volunteers from Universities, Schools, Hiking, Hunting, Equestrian and ATV clubs
People to help us grid the Ground Search
Search and Rescue Dogs. Lots of them!
People to reach out to the Montana Attorney Generals Office to get the police more involved so we can get cell tower logs, surveillance video from ALL Highway Cams in the search area.
Volunteers to go through Darby, Sula, Conner, Dillon and other towns to see if anyone recalls seeing him.
Someone to contact the AMA, HOGS, GWRRA, STOC etc. We have lots of clubs that should be sending members out to help
Someone to contact all motorcycle dealerships in the region to spread the word and be on the look out too.

As you can see, there is a lot you can do from your computer and people who are not hikers, bikers or friends can also be invaluable to this search.

If you can volunteer, please contact me either via a PM here, e-mail or phone call: 845-462-8404

And to help you cross post this EVERYWHERE; www.MissingPersonDo naldMasters. org

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Final Update

We lost a brother rider, he was found by hunters tracking an elk. 150 feet off the side of the road down in a gully. My prayers go out to his family sorry for your loss.
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