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Please post your bikes here to be entered in this month's Bike of the Month contest!

To enter your Vulcan, all you need to do is tell us a little about it, and post some photo(s). And don't forget the story behind the bike because that can often turn the trick!

The winner for each round will be chosen by our members' votes! A new voting thread will be created near the end of the month.

Eng size:
And the story:

As long as you haven't won in the past year you can enter again.

Please post your entries in the active month's thread. That thread will be closed at the end of the month. We'll start a poll with that month's entries and the winner will be named and have their bike featured on the home page.

You must have accumulated 15 posts in order to enter a bike, or to discuss the bikes, or to vote. You will be able to view the bikes, but not discuss them, vote on them, or enter your own until you have accumulated 15 posts. This is the same number of posts that has been required in the past to vote for BOTM.

Please note; You may be disqualified if you 'rally votes' from other members. This can include sending private messages asking for votes, posting new threads asking for forum members to vote for you, etc.

Please be respectful when discussing other members bikes. You may also be disqualified for unsportsman-like comments about other bikes, which can include insults, demeaning comments, or demanding in open forums or PM's that others not vote for them or that they be disqualified. If you have a legitimate concern that someone is not competing fairly and should not be considered for voting, PM a moderator.

BOTM Winner, November 2016
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2008 Kawasaki Vulcan VN2000, 2053cc, black Road Burner pipes, Stock seat w/modded back rest for the driver made from the factory passenger sissy bar pad. I cut it loose from the factory sissy bar and fabricated a mount to attach it to the passenger seat for the drivers back. Factory rear wheel w/ 240 tire and a 18" Harley Davidson front wheel from a 2013 SG (bike can now run several different model HD front wheels). Reckless Motorcycles fairing (I painted it myself inside my shed with the help of Oreillys mixing the paint for me) w/ stereo and driving lights purchased from a HD Fatboy (I had to make custom mounts for it and the lights to fit the bike). Front marker/turn lights removed and moved to rear. I added Jardine forward controls purchased from a member here on the forum, thanks Don. Spacer for primary drive added to eliminate belt squeal. Lower belt cover replaced with chrome one. Secondary throttle body butterflies removed and resistor mod as well. Air cleaner purchased online and modded to fit my bike. PC 3 fuel management added and modded to fit in the factory tool box compartment under the right side cover. Kuryakyn rear turn/marker light covers added and lights wired in for added taillights. HD tour pack added with a custom mount I fabricated from the factory luggage rack/sissy bar. Hard bags to come....
I have rode bikes for years and had sold my last bike about a year earlier. While visiting a bike shop/tactical store my wife spotted a HD cruiser and stated she could ride something like that. I had owned a sport bike previously. I started looking for a bike and read about the VN2000's. I found one on CL and went and test drove it. WOW was I impressed. I could not get the owner down in price so I returned home and then located another one in TN at a car dealership. My wife and I borrowed an enclosed trailer and drove north to the car dealer in TN. Seems the original owner traded it in on a vehicle as he could not handle it. The bike had sat on the showroom floor for some time and when they started the bike it sounded horrible with valves ticking and all. I was worried after I read about the oil restrictions on some bikes. The bike needed tires and a service. I purchased it anyway, after my wife was tired of me trying to make up my mind and she made a low ball offer which they took :). I loaded it up on a trailer and took it home. A few weeks later I was injured at work and could do much let alone ride. While I was laid up I started reading on the bike and all of the mods and accessories that could be added. So after winter storage/removal (around March this year) and I was all healed up I started thrashing on it. After sitting on a VN2000 (all other bikes seem small) I can not imagine riding anything else. Keep the ideas coming on mods guys as I love them. Thanks, Preacher


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2005 VN2000 AKA SKULLY
2053cc of WAAHOO
Cobra Shorts, Mustang seat, Stock wheels, Dark side.
Corbin Beetle Bags, Power Commander PCIII, Thunder BAK intake, 5th Gear Cheat, HID Headlamps, Driving lights, OEM Windshield, Highway Bar, and Back rest. Stainless Skeleton hand mirrors and feet foot pegs from Image products, Custom Stainless Skull Grill, Skull hand grips, Chrome skulls on the Windshield, Large chrome skull with LED eyes on the backrest, Red LEDs everywhere with remote. Denray Hidden Hitch inside the fender for the casket trailer.
The Story. Back in 2007 after my wife and I put 25k on a Meany in 2 years, we decided we needed more room for us and gear. I tried my brothers 2004 V2K and was sold, so the search was on. I burned up the internet and finally found the deal for me on a 2005 leftover. Only 800 miles away.
Made the deal on the phone and left after work on a Friday and picked it up on Saturday morning and drove it home. (Ordered the mustang seat online on Sunday). I added pipes and intake and PCIII almost at once then found out about the 5th gear cheat and got that done because we all know that too much power is never enough. The rest of the stuff is just because I wanted to make it mine.
I made the trailer so we could take the longer vacations with Skully as we both love to ride. And to answer the Question “Who is in the Trailer” EX WIFE. Can’t find the body, can’t prosecute!!!
We have been all over the east end of the US and Canada. We have weathered sun, rain, cold and bad roads even been caught out in the snow a few times. (The Poconos, Michigan UP, and New Hampshire)
Skully has never let us down and never failed to please.


Bike Of The Year Winner, 2012
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Couple of nice looking V2K's...

Let see some more people join the contest!
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