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Congrats Chev!

1999 Drifter
805 cc
stock pipes
stock wheels
custom seat mount for the springer seat which my mate fabricated.

The screen has been adapted from a bigger size, cut down then custom fitments made to the bars to fix the mounts.
The light bar is also home brewed with red mounted spots (illegal in UK so they are not wired yet !).
I may fit black pipes but I think it looks cool as it is.
I also have the double seat with a touring pack which only takes 10 minutes to change over. 2 bikes in one !

I have recently retired from Durham Constabulary UK and wanted to do a tribute to the old style US Police bikes in black and white as they were never this style or colour in the UK. Many people think it is a HD or an Indian as there are no Kawa logos on the bike now other than the ID number and the K on the exhaust.
I do not know why folk want to "Indianise" their Drifter as they look great as they are but each to their own.
I think sometimes that "Less is more" which is the theme of the bike.
I have only been riding for 3 1/2 years and had never ridden a motorcycle until I was 48 yr old but now I`m hooked.
I also have a 1500 Drifter which is my touring bike kitted out with a tow bar and bags etc. \Will post some pics in due course.

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