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Hi, Iam looking to buy a 2009, 1700 Nomad circa 6000 miles. I had one of the original 1500's when they first came out, but it was new, so no issues.
Are there any issues on this later bike that I should be aware of. I have seen the thread re frayed under tank wire. Anything else to be wary of ?
Also, do riders find the gear change ' clunky'?

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Give it another day for the moderators to give you full access, you have to post here first to get access, cuts down on spam.

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Tried 1700 site, but systems says I haven't permission to post.
Any ideas?
At the top of this forum is a sticky That asks, Can't post, read this and outlines the fully automated procedure of granting full access to the entire forum. I checked your account and it is fully authorized to access all the forums. So try the 1700 forum again and it you have issues, PM me.

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