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As usual, strap in its gonna be a long drawn out post with a few edits to follow in the future, as the project isn't quite done yet. See pictures for current progress,
feedback appreciated, will also be modifying the rear in the future.

NOTE: possibly compatible mod for the vaquero/voyager, haven't looked, I don't have one. but if people are interested I can look into it

So as the title claims I'm working on led Front turn signals for my nomad, unfortunately no one out there is making a bolt on mod for the nomad, and only one option for the vaquero/voyager.

So after a lot of research I decided to go custom with custom dynamics led boltz and converter kit:
LED Boltz for Custom Front White Running & Amber Turn Signal Lighting
Amber/White Converters for LED Boltz

All said and done this cost me roughly $150; the lights/converters, a couple step bits, heat shrink tubing, splice clips, couple resistors. I'm a grease monkey by trade so I had the tools, but it was a pretty basic tool set you all probably have hanging around the house.

As shown in the picture, I replaced the windshield with a fairing, so I took the metal trim pieces off the windshield, flipped the brackets over, and drilled some holes for the lights, they're not installed on the bike yet but essentially they'll drop out right underneath the fairing just to the inside of where the stock lights sit.

As far as wiring, I'm going to run them up into the fairing where I'll mount the converters, then back out to the headlight with the OEM connectors that I cut off the stock light assembly. After looking at I figure that if you're still running the windshield you could still do this, just drill for the lights run the wires down the brackets to the headlight and the converters WILL fit in the bucket, they're tiny..

I still have to figure out what size resistor I need for everything to work, I figure the park lights will be fine without but I'll probably need a 7.5ohm for the blinkers to avoid hyper flash.
More pictures and edits to follow


So for anyone who's stuck around this far I installed the "blinkers" the bike is currently still torn apart because well... hyper flash... 7.5 ohm resistor wasn't enough to trick the system, in fact not a single resistor value was enough to do it, under further investigation I decided the only way I'm going to get rid of hyper flash is to pony up and buy a load equalizer to slow down the flash rate. Not a big deal, but my pride is hurt because I couldn't outsmart the laws of electricity.

This is the one I'll be ordering at the same time I order the parts to do the rear lights:
$75 dollars and SUPPOSEDLY only one is needed per bike. In the grand scheme of things it's really not that much, considering I'm still way under the cost of replacing an OEM turn signal bar, still justifiable in my mind.

The photo's below are not final fit and finish as I can't put the fairing back together until I have the equalizer. But this is the general Idea. In the end the fairing will be tucked tigher to the head light and the "blinkers will be tucked up as close to the fairing as possible.

Updates to follow when I have them, Thanks for suffering through all that.

UPDATE (3/5/2020)

so for anyone still watching, I figured out the lights (I also did my rear lights, will make a new post for that very soon)

Long and the short the signal stabilizer didn't do the trick, I left it in there to control flash speed but I ended up using load resistors in all 4 corners to stop the hyper flash (I'm sure only 2 would be enough if you only did the front lights)

Amazon Prime $7 for a set of 4

Wired them in parallel with my lights and bang they work!

Thanks everyone who managed to read through this all, feel free to post any questions, if I can save someone a bit of headache it'll all be worth it haha
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