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Recently I put a custom wheel on the rear of my 07 Vulcan Custom. I had some trouble out of it the first time I put it on and one of the bearings blew up in the middle of a long ride. It was making a terrible screeching noise and then the bearing went out. I assume the noise to have come from the exposed bearings grinding around the axel. Anyway, I replaced the bearings and got the wheel mounted properly and all was well.
About 2 weeks later I heard a similar noise. The only difference was the squealing wasnt nearly as piercing and it doesnt do it when I left off the gas and let the engine brake the bike. It also doesnt do it when I am at low RPM's. I put the bike on a lift and let the wheel spin freely. I noticed a very slight movemement from one spot in the pulley. I was moving in towards the wheel and did it at the same spot. It was so slight that I didnt even think that I could put a shim in it to stop it (i dont know that I could find one that small). I assume this noise is coming from the belt but I cant be for sure.
Does anyone know how I can get this squealing out of the belt or if it something entirely? I dont think that the belt is too tight. I didnt put it to any specs but I can turn it up 90 deg without much effort.


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