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No baffles??

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I have the V&H Big Shots on my 1700 Classic and I have only added the K&N air filter. Can I remove the baffles without causing performance issues? I do not have a fuel processor.

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I wouldn't remove the baffles. You lose back pressure which causes a low to mid range performance loss.
Would think you are already in need of a fuel processor. If you get any coughing through the intake, you are dangerously lean.
Rick I agree. He is in definite need of a fuel processor, too. These bikes are lean from the factory.
I don't get any cough. Bike runs great.
I run my Big Shots with a Power Commander, and had it all installed at the local Kawi dealer about a mile from my house. The tech tried a number of things to deal with the occasional backfire I was getting - - - and we decided to strip the packing off the baffles and run it with the bare baffles. It actually sounds and performs better that way - - - nice, big sound without the backfiring - - - and it added a couple of MPG's, too. I've been running that setup for almost two years - - - no issues. You will still get the decal popping (normal with the 1700), but no worse than with the stock pipes. The bike will sound "ugly" without the baffles - - - trust me on that one. It's something you might consider - - - I like the way mine sounds with bare baffles. And, yes - - - you do need a fuel processor for the pipes to work - - - however you do it.
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