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Hi, I have a 2014 Kawasaki Nomad 1700 ABS (VN1700 DEFA). I have sent my ecu to Ivan for flashing (very excited, it's on it's way back!). I have been reading a lot of posts in various places saying that you have to unplug the 02 sensor when you put the ecu back in. One problem, however, I can't find it on this bike! When I look at the service manual, it just says "(equipped models)" in the 02 sensor section. All the parts diagrams don't show it anywhere in the exhaust system. When I installed my cobra slip-on mufflers, there was no sensor in the stock mufflers. Does that mean that this model does not incorporate an 02 sensor? Or have I missed something? Can someone who has this model of bike enlighten me?



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