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Hey all.
Been riding street bikes for about a year and a half now, had a vulcan 500, then a vstar 650 and now got my vulcan 1500 classic. Got an awesome deal on it and now that I've got a bike that I feel like I definitely won't outgrow I'm ready to pour my heart and soul into it. Now the guy I bought it from had it all decked out as what I would describe as a "dad bike," which has it's merit but isn't my style. I've taken off the tank front and rear fender sanded them down and I'm about to paint them all flat black.

I've got a lot of ideas about what I'd like to do to it, but I'm completely new to this. I really have no experince whatsoever in this, so maybe you guys could tell me what's possible, whats not, good idea bad idea, etc.

First, I love big rear tires. Big tires in general. The back tire was bare and I put on a 150/80 B16 commander. It looks better but I would like even thicker than that, but the guy at the shop said that that any bigger would cause issues with my rear fender. I thought about darksiding too, but I think that will probably be later on down the road.

I'm not too happy with the rear fender as it is though, I don't care for the long wrap around aesthetic. Was wondering if any of you had replaced it, I haven't found many options. What I've seen is pretty much the same shape in different colors. The shorter length fender I DID find seemed even narrower than the stock. That kind of defeats the purpose.

Would I be better off taking and doing my best to cut and reshape my current fender?

So about tires, what is the biggest tire that will fit on that wheel? Have any of you replaced the wheel? How do I know what wheels will fit on my bike?

Same thing with the front, would like a wheel with a bigger diameter but don't know how big of a wheel will fit or whats compatible.

I really like the bobber look, but I haven't found anything about converting a 1500 to a bobber. It seems like they're all 900 or other. It seems like the frame isn't set up for such a conversion but I was wondering if any of you have done it or heard about it know how.

Sorry for my ignorance and all the questions as well as this brick of text. Gotta start somewhere! Figured a good place would be this forum.

Thanks guys!
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