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Newbie Intro.

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I am new to the Forum. I have just recently purchased a 2011 Vaquero. In the Candy red. I have done allot of reading on these bikes and have decided to purchase one. The color of the bike is really nice, but I have it in my mind to get it painted as the Roaring Toyz Vaquero that is out there. The tear down is to start this week. all the toys will follow of course being 21' wheel, air filter, and exhaust. I have a question and would like some information on the throttle response lag that I noticed right away with this bike. I currently as well have a Vulcan 2000 with a power commander and a V & H power shots as well as some other mods. The difference between the response on the two bikes is night and day. I read that there is a fix out there for the vaquero. Can someone please help me with this. Also what is the best sounding exhaust that everyone is using? V & H, Cobra, or Freedom?
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Welcome in! Seek out member "RACNRAY" IN THIS THREAD for help on that throttle lag.
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