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New vulcan 900 classic lt owner

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Hi All,

Logically, this is the only bike I could buy!

Live long and prosper!

I am now the proud owner of a 2012 Vulcan 900 classic lt.

Black and Silver with a gold pinstripe.
Kurakyn Flame Grips
Highway bar
Luggage rack

Now I spend all my spare time dreaming of all the aftermarket upgrades I want. Oh there are so many of them too. Ahhhhhhh....

Right now my focus is on 3 items.
1. A new seat with a backrest. I think this will be the most difficult decision of all. I have read just about every review of every seat out there. Corbin, Mustang, Ultimate, OEM gel, Sargent, Saddleman, and Airhawk.

Now I am thinking about trying to modify the stock seat myself after watching some youtube videos. What the hell if I screw it up I will just buy one.

2. Fender accents
3. Performance air filters.

But before I do any of this I must win the lottery! Wish me luck! hahahaha

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Welcome to the forums!
Welcome from South Texas. Let's see some pics.
Possible Seat

So this is not my bike exactly. I don't have a smart phone or a camera. So I stole a stock photo off the internet.

This is my bike except for some additions I have added. The flame grips, backrest and highway bars. Same model and color though.

With one exception. I have photo shopped the corbin seat I am thinking about getting in.

It's a tan alligator with sharkskin sides.

What do you guys think. I don't know if it will go with the bike. Looking for opinions.



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Hello and welcome. I have the same fever, personalizing the look of my 900 custom. It add$ up real quick. (lol) Enjoy.
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