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New Vaquero Owner

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I just bought but haven't picked up a leftover 2014 Spark Black Vaquero, in fact I bought it over the phone at a dealer a couple of hours from here and haven't even seen it, but there was a 2015 locally that I did look at and sat on. I did a lot of research on the Vaquero and the HD Road Glide. I have been riding primarily Harley's since 2003 and still own a 2012 Softail Slim but have been riding on the road since 1976. So I have owned and ridden many different cycles over all those years. I personally don't have anything bad to say about the Harley's I owned but am not really a brand loyal kind of guy. My wife rides a Kawasaki ER6N which always impressed me. So in my research I discovered how many things the two bikes had in common the Vaquero is almost a clone of the Road Glide and was most definitely meant to be. The Price difference however in Canada but not so much in the US is huge especially with the Kawasaki incentives that are on right now on the 2014's. So price was the main factor along with the total of 4 years of warranty vs 2 that made my decision pretty easy. However the more I look into and research the Vaquero the happier I am getting with my choice, I'm sure I will get some flack from the guys I ride with who mostly ride Harley's but who cares! I ride to ride and am looking forward to this upcoming season with the new cycle!
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Congrat's, hope you enjoy the new ride as much as so many of the folks here have. Lots of great folks and good reading/info. here.
CONGRATS....enjoy ur new skoot. I have certainly done just that since April 2011 when I bought my Vaq, here s a pic of the odo from a few weeks ago, it has bout 200 more miles on it now...


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i bought mine on saturday, over the email and phone basically. just showed up for the paperwork and the keys

1 mile on it.

i dont get brand loyalty either.... when it comes to bikes anyway but generally i stay away from harley, dispite what my signature line says
Congratulations! Make sure you use a zero loss hand pump and put some air in the rear shocks before you ride away from the dealer. They come with zero air for a 150lb rider.
I like the new roadglide, but the price is ridiculous! I like the stock Vaquero, but don't care for the looks as much with the funky Kawasaki backrest, touring seat, and taller windshield. Might as well buy a Voyager if you are going to add all that.

I think the nomad backrest on the Voyager looks better than the Kawasaki backrest on the Vaquero.

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TwoWheel, I'd love to find a Nomad backrest set-up for my Voyager, but I'm not sure it would work on the Vaquero as the bags and attachment are different, aren't they?
I love my new Vaquero, you will too. I was on the fence for the 2015 Road Glide but at $25,000 they can keep it.


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Same here Email Phone call and paperwork.. Technology is making it easier.
I picked mine up this Sat. albeit it is used 2011 with 4k miles..
TwoWheel, I'd love to find a Nomad backrest set-up for my Voyager, but I'm not sure it would work on the Vaquero as the bags and attachment are different, aren't they?
Depends on the mounting point locations. The Vaquero, Voyager, and Nomad share a lot of parts.

Of course the Vaquero backrest is quick release, while the nomad is not.

I believe the nomad backrest does fit on the 1700 classic too.
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