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Well the story goes I need power for the phone and my Go Pro and I would like to have a voltmeter on the bike too

Well, I went in search of and came up with a unit that has all that I need, it is 2 USB plugs and a voltmeter, and the price was not bad either it was 15 dollars.

I took out the old accessory plug on the right side of the fairing and this new USB module fit right in like it was a factory item, even has the twist ring on the back like the original accessory plug.

It was easy to do, opened up the right side locking compartment, then took out the three screws and then pulled out the compartment.

From there I unscrewed the accessory plug and disconnected the two leads and plugged in the new USB module and it worked like a champ! Now the only thing to remember is on the accessory plug the BROWN wire is the hot wire and the Yellow and Black wire is the ground, the shop manual did not say it anywhere and on the schematics, it only shows the colors, not the polarity. So out came the voltmeter and I made sure....

BROWN (Positive)

Once I plugged it all in I love it now I have something that does not fall out when riding, it gets covered when I was the bike and best of all I have my voltmeter too. :wink2:

I went to Amazon.com and looked up the product - CHGeek Dual USB Charger
You can find it here -

I have included three pictures
Picture A is the old accessory plug
Picture B is the new USB plug with the cover on
Picture C is the new USB plug with the cover off

and Yes this works just like the old accessory plug does, only with the key on in "Accessory" mode or "ON"

I hope this helps some of you out there looking for a better solution!



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I hope your experience is better than mine... I tried a similar dual USB outlet (no voltmeter) a few years ago, and on a long trip around the western USA first one, then the other outlet failed, followed a few days later with the accessory fuse blowing. That happened on a back-road day I was relying entirely on my GPS, and the battery made it just long enough to head us back to civilization.

I suspected it was the outlet, isolated it, and had no further problems for the rest of the trip. I think water probably got in around the cover (which was similar to the one on yours). Now the OEM outlet is back in that exposed spot, and for USB I mostly use 3 outlets I've installed in the trunk.
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