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OK Guys, I just did the next logical jump, bought a small trailer to haul with the beast.

There are several things that go with this, as I was pondering what trailer to get and almos ready to buy one of those china made, very "economical" (read cheaply made) aluminum trailer starter kit that harbor freight use to sell and now I could only find in the web for close to $400, I found a used one on Craigslist that has torsion suspension (very desirable) and an aluminum box, luggage rack, 360 hitch, spare tire and a few xtras for about the same amount.

So, Trailer ---- check.

Now I am working on the hitch, most I can find for the beast are pricey or very.... like.... home made so I decided I would not pay more for my hitch than I paid for my trailer. I found one made for :frown2: HD :frown2: that has a vertical receiver, 1 7/8" ball and hardware to mount for $130 so I order that and figure I should be able to adapt it to my bike.

To that end I need a little help from the V2K trailer community here, as I see I will have to make the side plates to install the hitch made for HD, can someone send me pix of how it attaches to the frame under the fender? and, what thickness the plates are? I am not sure I will be able to fit it under the frame cus of the wide car tire I'm not willing to give up (currently a Sumitimo 225/60 R16) and I might have to do it on the outside. I want to go with the right thickness so they wont flex sideways on me.

The next thing I need help with is the wiring on the bike, I see that bike oriented harness are, again, very pricey. This should be very straight forward and simple, right? If someone out there (like GoFish) can give a general "How to" on the electrical part I pretty sure I can do it.

All this 'cus after a few long travel rides have me hooked on going long and finally my wife is enthusiastic about coming along, no way just the saddlebags are gonna cut it for 2, much less the way she packs. The 250-300 pounds and 16 cubic feet of space should do the trick, and give more than enough space for camping trips that can save money to account for all the trailer expenses (at least that my selling strategy).

We will do the maiden voyage for the trailer this coming April to Big Sur / Yosemite NP / Sequoia NP for our 29th anniversary. So I have to have it ready well in advance to go ridding with ir and get use to it b4 I load it up for the trip.

Thanx in advance for the help.
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