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New to Kawi

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Hey all. My name is Bobby and I'm from Ft.Worth Texas. I've been riding for many years. I've had all types of different bikes from sport bikes to a m109r to a Spyder. Sold my Spyder and now I'm looking for a new ride. I was thinking about going with another m109r or even a street glide but came across a Vaquero and really like the options it comes with and the looks. I don't know much about them or Kawasaki either. Looking for any pros and cons that yall can help me with. The dealer has the 2014 Vaquero ready to go if I want it Tuesday. Thanks ahead of time for any help.
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Hello neighbor. Vaquero's are nice looking bikes. Owned several bikes over the years. Started with 750 Honda Shadow, then 1100. Swapped up to a Voyager 1700. Now Husband has Road King and I have 900 Vulcan. My 900 is about the same size, of course not h.p., but size wise as the H.D. Whatever you get, be safe and have fun. P.S. Searching though forums or web sites for reviews usually give the low-down on different breeds of bikes.
Welcome in Bobby! Let us know what yo decide.
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