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Hello everyone, another Forum newbie here.

My riding background includes some 10 years on a Honda CB 160 (way back in the day) and 19 years on a Yamaha Riva 125 scooter. I've also ridden a few other friends' bikes on a few occasions, including a Triumph 650 and Honda 750.

For some 50 years I've always wanted a full size motorcycle of my own and I've decided that "someday" is now or never! I spent a lot of time looking at 8 different manufacturers on line and finally settled on a Vulcan S ABS SE. Part of my thinking was that I don't think I need a bigger engine and I though that less weight than bigger models might be best for me.

I went for a test ride the other day and to my shock, the minute I got on the bike I felt very uncomfortable. With the low seat and shifter/brake pedals high up there was an immediate difference from all my previous riding experience. For example, instead of pushing the front of my foot vertically downward to apply the brake, the motion was nearly horizontal.

I'm used to balancing by shifting the trunk of my body left/right by bending at the waist. By contrast, to exaggerate, on the Vulcan I felt like my head was way rearward, and my heels raised up in the air, making balance feel very different.

I'm concerned about low speed handling and control. I am familiar with the ERGO-FIT system, but suspect that does not address the height or angle of my feet. I copied a picture I saw on a post in this forum to illustrate - notice the rider's toe is pointed nearly straight up to the sky.

I have the money all set aside for my purchase and have picked out a specific dealer and unit, but now I feel stymied. I didn't even take the bike out for a test ride on the street because of my reaction.

I realize this angle is probably intended for better spine comfort over time, but I would appreciate any comments from people with more experience. Has anyone else ever had this kind of reaction? How do I adjust and get used to this riding position? Is there anything I can do to enhance feeling of control over my balance?

Any comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks - Randy


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