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Hey, Im a new rider and bought a new bike...

I've read a few posts, and searched the forum about intakes, exhaust and fuelpaks and didnt find what i was lookin for.

My question is, if i ONLY defaffled my exhaust and have a hypercharger, do i need a fuel pak b4 i put it on.

i have it on order, but will take a week or two to get there, but my intake is on my kitchen table screaming to be put on, debaffle is done already.................ugh.

Second Q, Im pretty much set on my exhaust, HardKrome 2 into 1. Any thoughts although i think im getn them regardless ehhe.

I put on some arlen ness mirrors ( small and wouldnt see a nuclear explosion behind me, but they look good)
Smoked lenses and i have the lowering kit but havnt put it on yet.



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