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Greetings all -- Happy 2015. Just passed my MSF course over the holidays, and now it's time to get the 1st bike. Looking for good advice ---- here's where I'm at:
Male: 55
Ht 6'1" Wt 195
Riding experience: None
What I want out of motorcycling: Ride around the neighborhood and big parking lots to learn and get comfortable/confident. NOT a speed guy, see myself more of a cruiser type. In the fullness of time, be able to take trips on back highways, ride w/ new friends, groups, etc.
What I'm thinking: Need a bike to learn on, feel comfortable with , see if I'm for real. Advice from MSF instructor was to look in the 750 - 800 range.

With all this in mind, I have been researching, and came upon Vulcan 800's as one of the cadidates, so I thought I would see what you thought. I'm looking for unbiased advice, and if Vulcan's make sense to you, great. If you have other ideas, please share -- I am open.
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Welcome to the forums!

I was in the same boat as you last year,

I started riding last year, i rode a ninja 300 for last season, decided my priorities changed, bought a 900 custom and havent looked back. I can tell you from what I have read in this forum, if you want to start lower and work you way up thats up to you. I think a 900 is a great bike, enough power, as well as easy on the learning curve.

Just make sure it fits you and its what you want, the 900 is great. I love cruising around with my gf on the back.

Good Luck!
I am assuming since your thinking of a vulcan, that your leaning towards the cruiser look and feel? Also you did not say if you might eventually ride 2 up? Notoriously in the past anyway... cruisers did not make for the best beginner bikes. They are long, low, and heavy which can make for interesting low speed handling as well as curve negotiation {for a beginner} but don't take me wrong or let that turn you off. Those attributes along with low seat height and smooth throttle response can also work to your advantage...the weight really helps when you first get into strong winds and buffeting, the low seat height helps with balance at stops, etc. Just don't do things like add highway pegs and kick your feet up and out when your new. There are thousands of "little things" but I always remind new people to keep their feet under them and their knees close to the tank (balance, dynamics, all that good stuff) if you like the cruiser style I would strongly suggest a vulcan S. Not sure though if you are looking for a new bike. If you are not stuck on a cruiser style and want a good around town bike but still have plenty of power.. the Triumph Bonneville comes to mind along with several others. I think in your case it will help to narrow it down if we knew what style initially appealed to you and if you would eventually use it for any extended 2 up riding.
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I would go with at least an 800 cc bike, to me the 750's are to small. I was in your shoe's a year ago and bought a shadow 600. great bike to learn on and get my feet back on the ground with but under powered and small.I now have a Vulcan 900 custom and love it. easy to ride and plenty of power. now the semi trucks don't blow me around. try to test ride one at a dealer and see what you think. good luck
Welcome to Our world and congrats. I have a V-star 950 I will part with. She does not have a rider here other than Me a few time a season.
2009 with 600 miles. 9000 invested. will take 4500 firm.
Not sure where You are, but, You may be close.
Here is a pic for You.
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