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New Rider Buying 1st bike this week

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Greetings all. New rider from Wisconsin here with no rider experience and planning on taking the MSF this spring once winter thaws out. I'm planning on buying a bike asap since prices are down and I need one for the spring time. I got my eye on a 95 Vulcan 800 with only 5800 miles on it for $1999 at a dealership 2 hours away. Planning on driving down there this week with cash in hand and wondering what you guys would pay for it. Doc fees are $149, and retail is around $1299. I know the dealership needs to make money, wondering what would be a good OTD price for this bike since I don't know much yet about these bikes but hoping to learn a lot more on this forum! Thanks again!
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Welcome in! Good on you for taking a safety course, smart!
welcome aboard, I would hit him at $1500 with the doc fees included in that price and see what he says, but some say I'm a cheap skate, good luck
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