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Did a few bike projects today. First was to replace and improve functionality of Carla's drink holder. The arm rests came with an extremely flimsy, plastic cup holder. I had an extra heavy duty cup holder that started out on Vstar, then moved to Electra Glide, next was Vulcan and now on trike. The bracket the cheap plastic holder was on it steel and very strong. So used that and had to place a few spacers to clear arm rest. She can now use her thermos. Happy wife, happy life.

Before and after:

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I'm not even trike guy and I'm happy to see a Vulcan trike. Also causally drinking and driving is pretty cool. I never do it but I do smoke cannabis and ride much closer to the speed limit whilst.
Another great idea.
Im sure when when you hit the pavement in a crash, you're already numbed up and won't feel a thing when when your skin comes peeling off

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Lol idk if cannabis works like that. I believe it's similar to beer only more mental and less balance. I can litterally walk a tight rope while smoking hash. When I was backpacking around Denmark I'd do that daily working out with my girlfriend at that time. I nice polish girl. Me sober I'm hooning, stoned my cruising.... Or even thinking I'm fast sometimes, look down and go wtf I'm barely breaking the limit right now lol. North Georgia hilly roads and stuff.

You probably need opium or cocaine for pain if your skin comes off. Weed tends to help after the fact .. but everytime I get hurt while stoned it actually hurts worse. Same with me cold.... Hit your toe, ouch.... Hit your fold toe and it's cussing worthy.
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