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New Nomad 1700 Rider in Las Vegas

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Hi All - just purchased a 2010 Nomad 1700 yesterday with 6400 miles. I found the bike on Craigslist in Prescott AZ, drove down Friday and rode it home Saturday. Also in my garage is an 07 FJR1300 and 05 Suzuki C50. I'm probably selling the FJR soon - it seems to bring out the naughty rider in me.

I bought the C50 after the FJR because I wanted try out a cruiser again. My first motorcycle was a 1987 Magna 700 - sort of a cruiser - and I've always liked the cruiser look. The C50 is a great bike but certainly not ideal for long distance rides. After researching other bikes I settled on a Nomad or Stratoliner and ended up finding a great deal on the Nomad.

The bike is in very, very good condition with hardly a nick or scratch. Looking forward to learning more about this bike on the forums!
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sell the suzuki keep the yamaha you'll miss it more
Welcome to the forums!
Welcome. I'm currently looking for a 1700 nomad myself. Hopefully find something I like soon within reasonable travel distance. I used to own an m50, which is the sportier version of your c50 and also have ridden a c50 before. I think those are both great bikes, with the main shortcoming being a lack of a true overdrive gear. Otherwise, they would actually be pretty reasonable touring machines. None the less, they are very enjoyable to ride. Enjoy your nomad!
congrats Vegoose on the nomad,how do you like it?was suppose to go last sat to look at one in syr,ny.we had a blizzard,go figure
Welcome to the forum from Alabama. The bets bang for the buck mods on the 1700 are wrapping the pipes, Iso grips with throttle mod (I prefer the Avons), and a light bar.

If you do the install yourself not to expensive and plenty of how to info here.
New Nomad 1700 Rider

Welcome to the Forum. The 2010 Nomad in a nice bike. Good luck with it. I had some issues with heat and height, but was able to work around them. If you come across them also let me know I'll be glad to pass on what I was able to do to deal with them. :D
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