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This is to ask the good folk from these 2 areas, I am on the planning stages for a trip to Albuquerque next October, Plan is to depart from the San Diego area and head toward NM via Arizona Mountains with the intent of getting a few days in the Annual Albuquerque Balloon festival (bucket list thing, not the full week, just the main Wed-Sat days).

I would like to ride the best roads along the way and I know there are hidden gems just about everywhere, Any specific ones you local or the well travel guys can recommend??

I have my eye on passing trough Jerome/ Sedona/ Flagstaff and then maybe ride down to the valley trough the Roosevelt Dam to ride AZ 191 northbound on my way to Albuquerque and ride back trough some Southwest Colorado and West Utah roads but on those I have no route plan just yet.

Any recommendations and suggestions are welcome.

Of course, if anybody want to join in you are very welcome, this is a planed ride for me and the wife/navigator hauling the trailer, I expect to take it easy on the miles per day, take time to smell the roses and enjoy the scenery, maybe eve a hike or two along the way.
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