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Hey fellow riders,
I am getting my Vulcan 500 tomorrow from an older gentleman who is retiring from riding. I have seen pics of the bike, and it looks great: pricewise it is a good buy. It is a 2007 with 8000 km and has the usual accessories for cruising. I am picking it up tomorrow and driving it 200 kms to my place. Owner says it should be ok. I will do a thorough pre-ride check on it before I hop on. I know the tires are old, and I am not planning a full speed run but more of a saunter down back roads. I am hoping all goes well and it will be parked beside my 2013 Burgie 400, also a recent buy. Traded my 2007 Silverwing 600 for that one a week ago.
I am looking forward to getting very familiar with the Vulcan 500 and you all.

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