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Hello Everyone
I moved up from a vstar 1300 to an 09 Nomad last November and have been following this forum for a while and finally decided to get involved.
Here's my opening question. I had a Memphis Shades Batwing fairing on my vstar and would like to have one on my Nomad as well. When I called MS I found they have a fairing for the Nomad but no lowers of any kind. I asked if when I install the fairing would I be able to retain the hardware to keep my OEM lowers but they would neither say yes or no. I tried my vstar without lowers and the amount of wind coming up under the fairing was ridiculous. Have any of you folks replaced the OEM windshield on an 09 or newer Nomad 1700 with a MS fairing and if so, what did you do for lowers.
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