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Hello, new to this forum. By profession I'm a cyber security specialist. Been riding for 30+ years, I've ridden cruisers, standards, and sport bikes. Iron butt on each type. Been a "nomad." I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Recently bought a 2009 Vulcan 900 Classic. It is in great cosmetic condition and decent mechanical condition. I've put on about 400 miles in the 10 days I've owned it. I plan on replacing all vital fluids, fluid filters, plugs and wires, air filter, tightening all the bolts, checking/replacing belt, and replacing headlight. Our riding season is pretty much year round, so I'll be doing all of the work ASAP, and only putting the bike up when it's too cold to ride, a couple weeks in December and January. I also am looking at getting some "custom" rims to replace the "classic" spoke rims, and replacing tires if necessary. I don't want the tube tire. I want to be able to plug and use my portable air pump if I run into a problem out on the road!

I found this forum while searching for information on the VN900, have been reading for a couple days, and decided to join to learn about my new (to me) bike, share my riding knowledge/contribute where I can, and hopefully meet other riders in my area.

EDIT: And now with a picture of my bike. (And a CRT headed for recycling in the background.) View attachment 258927
Welcome from Tennessee!
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