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Hi, y'all! New member here from outside Atlanta, and a brand new rider looking to purchase my first motorcycle. I'd like to stay under $3k for my first, and would love to hear some pros & cons about Vulcans for a beginner, as well as general pitfalls and rookie mistakes to be aware of. Thanks in advance! -Lucky Al
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Welcome Al from South Texas. I was going to get a Hardley when the 900 fell into my lap. I haven't been disappointed yet. There are some good deals out there you just have to look.
Welcome LuckyAl from Alabama. #1 If you are new to motorcycles do not go shopping for a used one in your price range without an experienced person with you, "PERIOD". Even if you have to pay them.

I know this sounds extreme but there are so many out there that look like a little TLC will do the trick but in reality they are money pits that may never hit the road.
I picked up my vulcan 500 2009 for 3400 and it has been a great bike to get my feet wet on (again). THe 500, 900s are good bikes. Check them out. THe 500 was listed a a top ten bike to get started on.
the 500 and 900 are both very good starter bikes. the older 800 is also an excellent choice. they are very reliable.
Started out myself on an 800 in 06, well my 1st bike, did ride an 1100 V-Star a couple time. The 800 has and still serves me well with 109k miles now on it. The 8s, 9s and possibly the 500s do need valve adjustments every few thousand miles. This and oil changes are the most important things for the reliability. The 5s & 8s are lifhter bikes aswell.

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