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New member, new rider

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Howdy Fellow Vulcanites.

I have been meaning to register for some time. During the spring and early summer of 2014 I tapped into all the advise and comments you folks have left in order to make my bike buying decision.

So I found a 2009 burnt candy orange 900 Custom with under 10,000 km (6,200 mi.) for $4,600. C$. It was already lowered, has lots of extra chrome, LED bullet flashers front and rear. Wind screen, and flame grips and mirrors. Rode from early July to end of October.

But there are things I need to change (uncomfortable flame grips, vibrating flame mirrors, crappy home made brackets for the bullet lights.

So this long winter is being spend making it mine and I now have some experience and advise I can share with the group.

I'll post some pics in the near future. In the meantime a valuable piece of advise.... never put rim tape over Plasti-Dip! It will never want to come off.

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Welcome to the forums!
Burnt candy orange? Gotta see a pic on that. I changed my grips right away. The factory ones had to go. Welcome from South Texas.
I new to the forum and Vulcans. I just purchased a 2006 vulcan 2000 classic lt ( it's RED) I got in July after wrecking a Yamaha RSV ( blow out on back tire) I survived thanks to God , he has more plans for me . I Live in south Louisiana home of the best food in the world. Lol
Rim tape over plastidip

Howdy GFish and thank you for the welcome. Right now both my tires are covered in green painters tape, so we are not feeling real pretty. When I got the bike I wanted my 21' front wheel to look a little "fatter". So I used black Plastidip on the outside edge of the rim bringing the black inward about 1.5 inches. Then I partially overlapped reflective rim tape over that.

By fall I had changed my mind about the look and decided to remove it.

Mistake. Where the Plastidip was visible it came right off as advertised. But when I attempted to remove the rim tape it took 20 minutes to remove an area smaller than a dime! SO I tried a heat gun. No go. Then I tried a propane plumbers torch. Nothing! Nada.

Desperate - I decided to try paint remover. And it works! The rim tape just melted. But it did something to the plastidip, which now does not come off but seems to just move around. Anyway it's -20 and the bike is not going out any time soon so I have time to sort it out.

But if anyone ever has problems removing rim tape - completely protect your tires with lots of tape and use paint remover. You'll be done in under an hour! Probably not a good idea on painted or varnished rims.


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How do I go about posting pictures on this sight. Help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks from S. Louisiana
How do I go about posting pictures on this sight. Help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks from S. Louisiana
See links to helpful threads on posting pics here...
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