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After many years of riding Beemer's, mostly K bikes, I picked up a beautiful 2004 VN1600 MS with only 12000 miles. Right now I'm getting my body adjusted to the much different riding position. The bike had a 20"wx16"h Memphis Shade on it but I purchase a 20"h x 22"w because the smaller one offered no protection to my face at all. I am looking for a set of mirrors that extend out farther (anyone know where to get them). I love the power and the bike handles well. The weather here in the high desert, east of L.A., has been great for riding. The only addition I intend to make is a set of bags.

John O.
Apple Valley, CA
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Welcome John, from NE Texas. I guess any Californian riding a Meanstreak can't be all bad. If you get a chance show her off, post some pictures.

Welcome John from WA.

You should be able to find mirror extenders for your existing mirrors on ebay and Amazon. Just do a search for Kawasaki mirror extenders.
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