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New member from Portland, Oregon

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Hey Fellow Vulcanites,

I'm a relatively new Vulcan 500 rider here in the Northwest. I got my 2009 with less than 6000 miles last September. I've put about 1500 miles on it since then. Looking forward to putting a lot more miles on it this year.

Any other en500 riders in the Portland area?

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Welcome from Nebraska! By the looks of the weather out your way you'll need pontoons on your bike.. What a mess!
Welcome to the forum. Get yourself some good rain gear and enjoy your ride!
Welcome from South Texas.
Hello & Welcome. When does riding weather begin in Portland?
Actually, we've been having a remarkably warm and dry winter so far. Not good for skiing but great for riding. Supposed to be dry and close to 60 degrees F this weekend.

I haven't really stopped riding that much this winter. Certainly haven't winterized the bike at all. I just dress somewhat warmly and prepare for fog. Hope to do 200 mile r/t ride on Saturday with my son. He rides a Kawi Ninja 500.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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