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Hi, all.

Just joined a couple of weeks ago and wondered why I couldn't reply to a post...really helps when you learn to read! :)

Anyway, last owned and rode a bike in 1992 - a 1981 750 Seca that didn't see much use over the 11 years so I traded it for a PC. Bike would still be going, PC has been a boat anchor since 1995. :doh:

Only really started to get the two-wheeled urge again this past fall as a couple of buddies got bikes. To make a long story short, found a mint 2010 900 Classic LT for sale locally at a reasonable price and made it mine, just in time for winter to set in. So it now sits in my garage awaiting the return of warmer weather, although I did manage to get a run in as recently as Boxing Day...gotta love global warming!

My name is Rick, I'm retired (although I did start working summers in construction so I can afford my toys) and besides the Vulcan, passtimes include flying, shooting and hunting. Nice to meet you folks!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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