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new member from Houston TX

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Hello everyone hope to have a rewarding experience on this site and hope to diagnose problem on 2003 Vulcan 1500 that slips on low gears when trying to accelerate fast.
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Welcome! See you in the 1500 forum.

Keith Staudt
Bridge City, Texas 77611
Howdy there neighbor and welcome to the forums!

there be a lot of us around this area...
Welcome from San Antonio.
Welcome from Humble, tx. We need to get a Vulcan ride going!
Welcome, from Waxahachie myself. I have been working the clutch on my 2000 1500 Nomad myself. Mine was sitting a long time and had what looked like mud in the clutch master cylinder. After pulling the slave cylinder apart i found had a ring of varnish in the cylinder that would not allow the piston to go back in and thus caused the clutch to slip., after cleaning and rebuilding, all seems fine.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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