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New member from Arkansas

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Picking up my brand new Vulcan 900 Classic next Thursday and couldn't be happier. I currently have a KLR 650 and have owned several Kawasaki in the past (KZ 650, KZ 900 and LTD 1000). I have already received the Cobra backrest and rack and will be installing as soon as I get the bike. I plan to leave it totally stock and will not remove or modify the baffles so I can ride it long distances. I already am planning to go to Pensacola, Florida June 1 for a three day vacation along with my friend that owns a Harley. Hope I don't shame him too bad.
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Congrats on the new bike. Got any pictures?

What brings you to the City of Five Flags?
I was stationed there in the Navy and have a friend that lives there. Also, it is only 500 miles to ride so I'm pretty sure I can do that in one day, one day at Aviation Museum, one day riding up and down the coast, maybe a day of fishing and then return to Arkansas.
I don't have any pictures yet but went and saw the bike. It is really nice and BRAND NEW, not even any oil or a battery in it yet!
Pensacola is cool. That entire area is cool.
Pensacola is cool but if you want to meet the nicest people in the United States you need to go to Wisconsin! I go there all the time and they are by far the nicest and the northern part of the state is beautiful. I just can't give up central Arkansas for the Wisconsin winters. too cold.
I was stationed in Pensacola back in 1980 and 1981, Loved it there. Panama city was a fun place to visit as well. Great ride along the coast. Have fun
Can't lie. Riding around here doesn't excite me at all. Not a bit. Give me the AR roads any day. Some people will disagree, but to me, riding around this town during summertime is awful. Hope you have fun, though.

Living here is nice, though. This spot is about five minutes from my house and usually deserted, so I take the kids there regularly. Lots of dolphins, stingrays, and big birds (pelicans, herons, etc), room to throw a frisbee or football, or just watch the boats cruise by and the sun set towards Perdido Key.

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