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I want to introduce myself. I am a pastor from NC, and have spent most of the last 33 years working with the homeless, gangbangers, and hookers. I have been bi-vocational and have retired from one industry already when I lived in Texas, and I have now started in another industry in NC as my wife and I seek more ministry opportunities. I bought a Vn 2000, '08 model in Aug of 2014 to give us some time together.

Sug is our Golden Retriever who will no doubt be in pictures I post. I look forward to "meeting" many of you, particularly those of you who own 2000's.

Be Blessed
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Welcome to the forums!
Welcome from Nebraska!
Hahaha, wow you probably have some *VERY* interesting stories to tell.

Welcome from Beautiful Calgary Alberta!

I cant wait to see your bike, welcome to the forums :)
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