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Well, with summer upon us and Dish refusing to come up with any sort of "deal" to keep us...
After our 2 year rate lock expired they upped it to $122.ch monthly...

The satellite cord has officially gone bye bye...
Cable tv here is outrageous too, so a big no to that cord as well...

Went to Wally World and bought an RCA antenna and had to get the matching RCA signal amp from Amazon...
Mounted it on my chimney pointed it toward Lexington and I got 25 channels !!!

Plenty to satisfy the need at least for now...

My Smart Tv functions as a streaming player and we were riding on my step daughters Netflix account so...
And my PS3 streams in the Home Theater room...
All is well !!!
Happy with the results so far and I'm only out about 100 bucks !!!

Would like some advice on a digital tuner for the Home Theater...
All I'm seeing so far is unrecognizable name brands with mediocre reviews, unless you spring for a TiVo !!!
A TiVo Bolt 1TB may be in the future as long as I don't HAVE to subscribe to their streaming service...

Let'er Buck,
Seven O'Nine !!!

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I've thought about going that route as well.. and I have several friends who have done so.

I personally hardly ever ever watch TV. I stream everything.

Cept football.

Gotta have my football... which I stream if not shown on cable

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I always do a lot of research before making an electronics purchase decision.

This is the current digital Tuner/Theatre system I use:

Yamaha RX-V371 with Bose speakers/sub woofer (5.1)

I've had it for three years so I can't speak for it's current comparison status. But, I still recommend the receiver. The speakers are Bose and pretty much speak for themselves in quality and rep. But...they are expensive!

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I cut the cable a few months ago. It got up to $220.00 a month. I friend gave me an antenna he made so I get about 30 channels along with all the local channels. I kept the internet for the WIFI so all I pay is 69 a month. Along with Amazon prime, Netflix and Hulo I'm sitting good.

More time to ride.
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