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Need some advice

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I have a 2000 Vulcan 500 it's got 18000 miles and it runs and starts grate I found gas coming from under the air filter box and I removed the air filter and it had gas on the bottom of it there is a hose coming from under the box going to the motor it's rotton and has a hole in it chould that make gas get in the air filter box
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1st would check oil for a gas smell, then check petcock to see if it is working properly. Not real sure on 500s, but petcocks tend to go bad on the 800s dumping fuel through the carb into the crankcase. Imagine its the same on yours, if its a vaccum petcock, no off position.

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Ok I'll check that out I appreciate the help
On certain models the book calls to replace the rubber fuel lines about that time. You may be due for some new rubber.
Its not so much mileage on the lines, but age, they are 15 years old.
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