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Im a totally newbie in this vulcan forum, and new to cruiser world as well. Used suzi bandit 400 before.

Now im falling in love in cruiser world, and looks like i decide to buy Vulcan as my 1st cruiser bike.

In here, gov taxes are very high, so the bike price also very high.

I have a question before decide to buy. I'd like to buy used VN800 classic, but unfortunately, there is also a VN400 classic model which is very similiar to VN800 classic.

After googling 2-3 days, i found that this VN400 is exclusive sold for asia market only, but looks like the used ones have spread all over the world. And i live in asia as well. But i cant find anywhere about the differents except different bore. The others are the same.

My question is : how we can spot the differences ( physically ) between VN400 and VN800 classic ? Is it written somewhere in the engine about the machine volume ?

I dont want to choose the wrong bike for sure.

These bikes has no ownership paper, so i should decide from the physic only.

Need advices, info and help with the differences.

Thanks in advance all...
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