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Hi all

Am Ahmad Jan from Saudi Arabia, I just bought a 1700 Vaquero (ABS) and am planing to add a COBRA Exhaust Slip-ons but eas wondering wich one should i chose :confused: ????
I liked the Scalloped Tip Slip-Ons, but need to know if it has the same sound of the Tri-Oval Slip-on Mufflers which is installed on my friends 1700 Voyager and has a verey nice powerfull sound but i didn't like its shape.
Another thing if i install the COBRA Scalloped Tip Slip-Ons, do i have to install a power commander device?
If i ianstall a heat Insulating wraps on my exhaust pipes, does it affect on engine performance???? !!!!

Need Your Advice

Thank You
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