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I have been reading plenty but never posted before,so this is my first time trying.
Have a 2016 vulcan 900 classic LT.I installed a Hoppes fairing from west end motorsports and OEM lowers as well as leather chaps on engine guard before all the wind buffeting went away.

Installed cobra air intake,cobra pipes and got the Ivans ECU flash done. No matter what I do I have a very fast idle on a warm start.Talked to Ivan he said wait 5 second and you will not have that problem-well I still do,no matter what-tried hitting and release throttle before start, tried waiting 5 sec, tried adjusting the fast idle.Drove myself nuts,so last night I removed the fast idle cam and took it to the grinder,then re installed.Works great now,but no fast idle on start up cold either but I only ride in warm weather and bike is inside heated garage so no problem for me.

I did expect a huge change in the bike after installing new air intake,pipes and the new ECU,but honestly I did not feel anything major,except much more noise,now I need to wear ear plugs but thats OK,love the sound. Really,the bike may perform better I just don't feel it but I am doing normal driving,not pushing the envelope by any means.

One last thing,after a long ride,my exhaust pipes look a very light grey color at the tips,so I think its a little lean..not black or sooty....not sure if thats where it belongs with the Ivan flash done but it does run ok,but have never pushed it hard to max rpms in all the gears....at least not yet.

Also,my reason for going to cobra pipes was for more noise but mostly so I could get at the rear axle nut to adj belt or what ever without removing exhaust. Having to take stock exhaust off to loosen axle nut just seemed crazy to me. I opted for cobra shorts and now have no problem getting at the cotter pin and nut.
Again,my first post on this forum........kgun74........my handle at comcast

Harry from south central Pa.
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