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I faced a very strange case of "doesn't start" issue. I tried to find something but all search results lead me to more generic issues. You are my last hope to find a helping hand and find the way to dig.
Here's my story. Everything was perfect I rode my Vulcan without any issue and turned it off on gas station. After this and now it won't start with scenarios:

Scenario 1:
- I turn ignition on and dash lamps are lights;
- I press the Start button nothing happens and all lamps turn off;
- It completely without life for 10-15 min (Nothing happens when I turn on ignition again).
After 10-15 min Scenario 1 comes again.

I thought that this could be a starter issue and here is Scenario 2:
- I turn ignition on and dash lamps are lights;
- I can just wait about 30 sec - 1 min and do nothing;
- after this it dies for 10-15 min again.

I thought poor battery and put wires from the car. All scenarios reproduce with completely healthy car's battery.
I really don't know what to do. All my friends never faced something like this.

Thanks in advance!

1995 Kawasaki VN800A
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