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2002 kawasaki vn800b
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Hey guys and girls thanks for having me. My dream bike was always a harley heritage softail..had a few dirtbikes and the odd sport bike here and there before I bought a harley fxrs. Didn't ride it much with a young family so got rid of it. Missed it ever since.

Most of my travel is a short distance to and from work. I'd been looking at a smaller cruiser style bike (think vstar, shadow, boulevard etc). 2hile comparing them online I seen a lot of suggestions on vn900s being a better all round fit for most people.

Come today a vn800 came up for a good price. Apparently has a cam, oversized jets and cobra pipes etc. O dunno how much work is done but I'm actually really impressed with the performance. I rode it about 125km home and it was flawless. It was a comfortable ride with all the power I needed. Only complaint is my boots get stuck under the shift lever. And I'I'mdaybe like to swing thw bars slighly higher.

Beeing the only cruisers I've ridden habe been 250cc and im a big harley fan I wasn't too sure where the 800 would fit in. I actually really enjoy it. It's a great bike.

I can't work out pictures and stuff on these internet things but if I do I'll be sure to post some.

Thanks for all the pre purchase advice. I hadn't signed up but I used this page for a lot of my research. I must say also, the people on here are the most humble and helpful on any of the bike forums I've seen. Thanks everyone, glad to be part of the group.
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