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We decided at the last minute not to go to Las Vegas and did a "Stay-cation" instead. This morning DH decided that we should ride down to Denny's for breakfast as my very first ride (about a mile from our house).

I had to re-learn my Vulcan after riding the Harley all last weekend, so I had a moment of doubt when we got to the stop at the end of our street...which faces uphill. It took a couple of tries, but I found that sweet spot. When I got off the bike at Denny's my heart was pounding and I felt like I would throw up. I had never been above 20mph, so doing 40mph was a slightly scary experience. Every minute that passed made me feel better that I could do this.

After breakfast, we rode around the neighborhood, snaked out on a long slightly twisty rode and I decided to pop onto the freeway for one exit. OMG! It was amazing!

Then back to house. Probably 5 miles total, but I'm so happy at the moment.
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