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I am trying to rebuild/restore a 91’.
Here are some pics of what it looked like when I brought it home.

So, I have already redone both forks, rebuilt the cooling system, lined the tank, fresh oil and filter, and am now working on the carbs.

I tore down, cleaned and put back together these carbs the first time, including setting the float height to exactly 17mm per the Hayes manual, and noticed I had a monster fuel leak coming from one of the carbs. I thought I knew where it was coming from, so I took them back off the bike and tore them back apart.
After replacing some O-rings, which did not solve the problem BTW, I put them back together and bench tested them by hooking up a makeshift gas line and an old peanut butter jar modified to act as my “tank”. When I poured the gas into the jar to let the float bowls fill up I noticed that I actually had two fuel leaks.
The first is where I thought it was coming from the first time. It is leaking around the plastic “T” on the fuel inlet pipe, right at where it meets the carb body. (see pic)

Now when I tore them down the second time I replaced the O-rings on both ends of this pipe. I am not 100% sure that the O-ring I used is the exact size that it should have had, but it sure looked right and it seems to have worked on the other end of the pipe where it meets the opposite carb. So I can not be sure if it is just a case of a wrong sized O-ring or if it is something else. Any ideas?

I also noticed that I had fuel leaking out of the two small holes inside the carb opening (see pic) as well as from the 4 small holes on the opposite side of the same carb that are above the jet. This is only happening on one of the carbs, the other is not doing this.
Having fuel come from these locations means that the float needle is not working correctly, right? Or is it something else?

My last question involves the plastic “pipe” (for lack of a better name) that runs between the two carbs in the pic below.

This is nothing but part of the venting system, right? Should I run a hose from this to somewhere, cap it off, or just leave it alone? BTW, just in case it makes a difference, I am in Florida, so if this is part of that Cali emissions stuff, I don’t have to worry about being inspected here.

So, three questions above, what do you guys think?
Thanks in advance for any help or guidance you guys can offer me.

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Your carb is still flooding.Are you sure the needle is sealing properly? When you removed the carbs did you separate them to cause a leak in the "T".It is recommended not to separate them for that reason.It could be as simple as the o-ring not quite in place properly or corrosion.The upper "T" is a vent/overflo & must remain open.You can turn it down with a length of hose on it & routed behind the engine.Don't leave it without a length of hose on it.If you ever have a problem the fuel will spill unto the hot engine. ;) :)
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