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Mustang Wide Touring

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Do any of you shorter riders have any experience with these ?

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I have an ultimate on mine. It seems to raise it up about an inch for me. Not sure on the mustang though. Been thinking about getting a mustang for my wife's bike for that reason. Asked the question on the forum for her bike and no response. Bunch of jerks.
The Ultimate and the Mustang are same height as stock but put you in a different riding position

I have the Ultimate on my 2k, it's not the same height as the stock seat. I sit about an inch taller. I had the Mustang on my 900 and it raised me slightly.

With that being said, the Ultimate has made the ride so much better.

How short is "shorter"? I am 5'9'' and I can comfortable reach the ground when on a flat surface. The Ultimate makes me tip toe on uneven ground.
Mustang has recently changed their policy & no longer charge for their catalog. The catalog used to be free, but charge $5.00+ for shipping. Now its free & ships free too!
Their very helpful on the phone. I would suggest calling them and ask them about your concerns.

I have a Mustang on my 1700 & I love it.....however, i'm 6'-1".
I also have one one my 1700 & had one on my Suzuki C50. Love both. It's a much nicer ride, but like the others have said they sit about an inch higher. As far as height goes, it makes a difference for me on the 1700 but didn't on the C50.
I have the mustang.. but I'm a bit over 6'2.
Does it seem higher up than stock ?

Mustang IS higher than stock by at least an inch.

I got mine used at a decent price ($450) but was disappointed as it felt very hard and flat, but I couldn't afford an Ultimate (wish I could). I got out the electric knife and cut the foam down and re-padded with a less dense foam in my sitting bone area and up the back. I'm on the thin side at 6'2" @ 185lbs and don't have much meat in my butt. Now the seat is tolerable.

If you are buying new, save the extra money and get the Ultimate Seat.
The Ultimate came on the Valkyrie I just bought, after having a Mustang on my V2K, I could hardly wait to put a Mustang on the Valk, I just could not tolerate the position the Ultimate seat put me in, plus I found it extremely uncomfortable.
I have the wide touring on my V2K LT and love it. I put it on a couple of weeks after I purchased the bike new in 2009. The stock seat is so badly designed it used to rub on my tailbone and cause extremely serious pain. The Mustang is so comfortable that rides of 1000 klms ( 600 Miles ) in a day are quite easy. In my view they should have been standard from the beginning.

Cheers and Beers.

Man,you guys make a decision harder.
Mustang is great,mustang sucks,Ultimate is great,ultimate is extremely uncomfortable.
Corbins are the best,no they're too hard.

I have the Mustang 2pc w/driver backrest. Great combination on the 1600. Regardless of the price or style, sit and ride long enough and you"ll find the bottom! LOL Visit some dealerships that might have a bike with an aftermarket seat......or a fellow rider might have one. Most shops / bikers will at least let you sit on their bike. Maybe this will help making your decision.

Well nobody is riding yet around here but me ! :eek:
I've never even seen another V2K around here.
Their 14 day trial doesn't help much since we can have 14 crappy days in a row.

Jam Man,
Get the Mustang, you will not regret it.
Any of your local kawi dealers have one in stock? They might have one still hanging around (and be willing to make you a killer deal on it).

But, if they do, you could ask to see how it looks/feels having it installed (for like 10 minutes or so..)

I'm 5' 7",27" inseam.
Does that change anything ?
I want to be higher up than stock.

Man,you guys make a decision harder.
Mustang is great,mustang sucks,Ultimate is great,ultimate is extremely uncomfortable.
Corbins are the best,no they're too hard.

You know what they say about opinions... They're like butt holes, everyone has one and they all stink.
Had the Stang on my Nomad, brings you up over stock. Had the Gel from MawKaw on the V2K, heats up too much in the summer. Switched to a Corbin Dual Tour now and love it. It's stiff, low to the ground and really lets you move around while riding. Reminds me of a horse riding saddle.
Isn't that something how some people say a Corbin is way too hard & others love it. Go figure.
The gel get's a lot of heat from riders (and their butts).

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