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Mustang seats, backrest or not?

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I am looking at a new mustang wide touring and was wondering whether to get the one with the extra backrest or not. What experience do you guys have and what you have experienced. I know the Mustangs are well liked, just need to know about the backrest. Kind of look likes a hassle getting on and off.
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I got one with backrest and love it. Just lift it up and it is off.:)
oh and you can tilt it forward for easy acces
The wild 59

I will be changing out my stock V2K seat this year and will probably buy the Mustang. I wouldn't consider the seat without the backrest. If you do any long distance riding I think a backrest is a "must have". Install and removal is simply inserting the post or pulling it out.
I did not like the back rest. I returned it and got the one without. My problem is I thought the back rest was to short and narrow. It was down in the lower half of my back in a small area. Every time I hit bump it was like someone was hitting me in the back.
Any of you guys have the mustang day tripper? Thinking of getting one.
I recommend the backrest. I don't know anything about the daytripper.
Yes, the backrest folds forward, so when you start to swing your leg over, you don't have to go over the top of the up-right backrest.
Get the seat with the backrest.It is the way to go...
Get the backrest, you can always pull it out for short trips but you will be glad you got it on those long 500 mile days.

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Backrest for sure. Especially if you are going on long rides. Considerably reduces you chiropractor fees.
The ergonomics of a cruiser put your weight square on your tailbone with your feet forward. Without a backrest, you tend to lean back and your body is in what is referred to as the "clamshell" position, with your arms outstretched when grabbing onto the handlebars. This results in weight pulling on the shoulders which can be very fatiguing as well as painful. A backrest really helps by adding support to the back and relieving a lot of the pulling on the shoulders. The backrest supports a lot of that weight. Yes, some don't seem to be bothered by riding with the back relatively unsupported, but us "older" er, uh, "more mature" guys seem to need more support. I vote for the backrest model.
I got one with backrest and love it. Just lift it up and it is off.:)
oh and you can tilt it forward for easy acces

I have mild lower back issues and the backrest is fantastic for that... Also, there is adjustability in how far forward/back the pad is when riding - I found I could really fine-tune it for my preferred seating position.

One other note - compared to the stock seat, the Mustang does change your overall position in relationship to the handlebars. Personally, I found it raised me up by ~1", and back by ~1", so I got handlebar risers to compensate...
I did not like the backrest. I found that I sat too far forward and had to ...stretch... my back to get to the back rest. It ended up being uncomfortable. I rode without it. That being said, the seat itself was amazing.
I bought one with the backrest figuring I would use it on long rides and take it off for around town riding. I rode it 50 feet with the backrest and have not removed it for 23,000 miles. Its awesome. I have done three 500 mile days back to back to back several times. Not a problem. Love my Mustang Wide Touring seat with backrest.
This place is located in SC and they do an amazing job - call Harold get a price you wont be disappointed - hey it's another option.

We have backrests on all of our bikes with Mustang Touring Seats, personal preference but I think they are a lot more comfortable.
Once installed we never take them out.
Below is our VN2000 with touring seat and Dr. Backrest.

We do have one bike with a Day Tripper Seat from Mustang installed on it. It is comfortable and looks amazing on the bike. Bike has been ridden 700 mile days with no problem at all.
Below is our F6B with Tripper Seat.
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Get the backrest, You won't be sorry. Had mustangs with the backrest on the last 2 bikes. 2006 Nomad and 2009 Voyager. Never leave home without it.
Love the F6B - my sights are set on that as my next bike.
i have the backrest model. the benefit of it is that you can remove the backrest and get a sleeker looking seat. Throw the backrest on for long rides. Thats what i do.
Mine has the backrest and I do like it. I did a nationwide craigslist search and got a nice one with the studs 2nd hand for $515 shipped from CT.
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